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This collection contains subtle bookish pieces that will allow you to carry your favourite characters, worlds and series with you wherever you go. 

To those who look up at the stars and wish,

To those who are made of memories,

To my sweet nemeses and darling gods,

To those who have been bewitched, body and soul,

To those that know that there are no mourners and no funerals, 

To those whose favourite colour is morally grey, 

To those who found love and magic between the pages of their books, this is for you.


Gold Rush

(Yes, that is a Taylor Swift reference). Gold Rush is the first Simply Lexi Collection released. I made it when I noticed that the only jewelry I could afford tarnished and broke within a week. That is why everything in this collection is made using 24k gold plated materials and costs under $25! These pieces are perfect to give as a gift or to treat yourself!

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